The game was awesome,just that the story was too short and the x-ray is a bit boring here and there.

User Rating: 7.5 | Sniper Elite V2 PC
The game was simply amazing. No doubts about it. But, the game is too simple and there is nothing special about this game. The X-ray vision might seem cool, but it could be quite boring. Storyline is too short and could be completed within 1 or 2 days. The enemies, maps were just too mundane and this factor made the game's score go down. The developers should make the game more interesting such as, making the maps more challenging in a way that the player can 'feel' the intense. The enemies should be more active in a way that they can talk, eat or play. This factors will definitely make it more like Grand Theft Auto(GTA) and therefore will pull up the marks for this game. This game is almost perfect so I gave it a decent score of 7.5. It can be improved much, much, more. It can also be improved such a way as the player can roam the city for missions, with minimum amounts of enemies, must include trucks, so the player can feel that they are really in WW2, which is great. It can also be improved in such a way that the character has a storyline behind, as in his family, why'd he join the U.S. army. This would make the game get a maximum score of 9 or above.