Are gamespot reviews for sale?seems like it. Dont read and breed,try and buy.

User Rating: 8 | Sniper Elite V2 X360
I've been gaming since 1987(the year i learned to wipe my bum) I know a 6.5 when i play it and this is a 7.8, This is not deserving of a 6.5 ,it undermines peoples hard work and a good product.Anything less then an 8 is a death sentence to a game, just check your wal-mart bar-gin seems that truly unique games are given horrible reviews over mildly irritating problems and the hype factor makes it go out of control.i use to go by Gamespots user reviews but now even those are 90% hype and sheep so please try before you read.

This game isn't the deepest and it could be better,but that being said it delivers what it promises :elite sniping in WW2. Awesome gory kills with pin point accuracy over long distances and its very very fun.

It seems that games with most ad space are getting the best reviews.We need to have integrity as gamers to make games with unique mechanics and an out of the box approach shine. I'm sick of these giants making billions rehashing the formula every year. I know people that have played nothing but call of duty for the last 10 years and dont even want to hear about anything else. We should have a "dont buy a FPS day". i havn't payed full price for a game in years, all the good ones go used in less than a month because people dont know sh*t from ass any more.Grow balls and form an opinion . couldnt round it up to 7 what a dick.