Gorey with Glory

User Rating: 9 | Sniper Elite V2 X360
Sniper Elite V2 presents a world of fun in World War II. From Sniping to machine gunning there is a never ending world of war. Gorey but fun when you shoot someone it follows the bullet and then shows the bullet going through the person. If you make a certain shot it actually shows the persons inside organs and skeleton and then it show it go through them.

Lifelike and realistic from running out of breath while using a sniper from the blood and gore flying out from the enemies body. There is also a bonus level that you can get on the game. It is a level where you can kill Adolf Hitler. And of course he was in World War II one of the most wanted men in the world at the time. Kill him and succeed.

There are a few not good sides to it the bullet lag and graphics, but yet it is still amazing. It is not first person when not firing a bullet, but a little cheesy. I got the demo 2 months before it came out and I played it at least 20 times over I highly recommend this game to any Call of Duty or Sniper Ghost Warrior fan!