Boring, difficult, and repetitive.

User Rating: 4 | Sniper Elite V2 PC
I was so hyped up for this game, the kill cam looked awesome.

Well I'll start off with the kill cam... It's boring. It is pretty much the same thing every time you shoot someone in the head. They fall back exactly the same way each and every time, they react to the bullets the same way every time. It really loses its coolness after about 5 kills.

Sniping is devoid of fun as as soon as you fire a bullet, no matter how hidden you are, how you take the shot or whatever, everyone in the area will begin attacking you. I've taken shots from the tallest of buildings, from long distance, they always spot you instantly. Whats the point of sniping if you're gonna get caught the whole time? You can't snipe in this game safely.

The game play is possibly one of the best examples of repetitive game play. Every mission is a big gun fight that seems unavoidable unless you have the most extreme of patience. Kill a few nazi's here, blow up a tank there, kill more nazis, cut scene, next mission. That sums of the game.

The graphics for this game are amazing though.