For sniping.. None better to date...

User Rating: 9.5 | Sniper Elite V2 PC
Granted the AI is not the smartest group to come along. Always play on the hardest settings. I do like the fact there is a bit of random AI as you play a level over. Im sure with a few patches this will be an excellent game.

Content could be larger and longer and a bit less linear.. but that's the type game it is. The added kill cam in Multiplayer puts this game over the top! Even co-op shares the kills your partner experiences. I assume the lag experience online may be due to these neat features and I am sure the code will be improved.. stay tune to the best darn Sniper game on the market! Well done!!

The Multiplayer for PC is now up to 5 maps! 2 extra maps released with patch and they are EXCELLENT! The maps are challenging and well done. What's not to like? I would suggest joining "dedicated" servers only and possibly those with just Sniper Rifles active.. (gs-rifles only-hardcore) for a more challenging sniper experence. Those running dummies and Frag kings get old quickly.

Some way to turn VOICE off in game is needed for the Dummies as well.

Excellent experience overall.. been a Blast!