Good old school can never be wrong!

User Rating: 10 | Sniper Elite V2 PC
This is the game you must to buy!!!!!!
Good old school.
Better than the first game and first was a perfect.
This is a game that you want to play forever and you do not want to end.
Sneaking, laying of mines, silent killing without guns, sniper killing where the sound of gunshots you hide sounds of shells, sirens...
I do not think the game is perfect and that there is no better but today there are very few quality titles, and because this game deserves such a high grade.
That is the reason why I made such high marks for this game and before he came out I knew it would be a good.
My advice to all study who made game is to get hold of what you know best and not at all costs to try to make something new.
I'm sorry for my english because this is all written with google translate.
And I want more games like this:D