No disappointment unless your a Gamespot reviewer

User Rating: 9 | Sniper Elite V2 PC
I don't really understand the reviewers comments, its either too easy or too hard? Does he not know that you can mix and match the options to suit your style and ease of play? He wasn't fair at all, maybe he is a console clicker and that's why this doesn't appeal to him.

Okay, the graphics are beautiful and fantastic! The sound affects are probably taken from the first game but work well. The movement and motion is very smooth. Once you know the controls (PC for me) its easy to control and works very well as you can keymap whatever you want. I play with veteran guards, simple balistics and no other help and I find this is alot of fun. Just like the first one way back when I loved it! If your looking for a simple, beautiful game to play, this is it. The only thing I don't like is no health bar or anything that tells you how much damage you have taken when you get hit and that is why I didn't give it a ten. Oh, and if you want a console click fest go somewhere else, this is not for you...