Bring a friend

User Rating: 8.5 | Sniper Elite V2 PC

- Fun sniping simulator set in WWII with multiple and custom difficulty settings. Wind, gravity, heart rate and more all play factors in the bullet's flight path.

- Extremely gory and satisfying kill cams, and the ability to increase or decrease frequency.

- Fun co-op campaign and many multiplayer modes and options. Most notable a mode that allows one player to be the sniper and the other, the spotter/infiltrator.

- Good amount of weapons and gadgets to make gameplay more interesting.


- Some enemy snipers that spawn from thin air on rooftops can be annoying.

- Enemy snipers are complete "aimbots".

- The fun dynamic of sniper/spotter was excluded from the main campaign and was only put into bonus missions.

- The gravity aspect isn't completely realistic forcing you to sometime overcompensate at relatively short distances.


If the game sounds intriguing in the least bit to you, it's an absolute must buy. For lots of replay value, bring a friend.