An enjoyable game. What a sniper game should be!

User Rating: 10 | Sniper Elite V2 PS3
A Gamestop employee suggested this game to me when I went to preorder ghost warrior 2. Didn't think much of it. I watched the video at the store thought maybe later just another WW2 game. When it came out friend online who loves to play coop as much as I do suggested it. Went out and bought it that night and couldn't put it down and for anyone who likes platinum awards for a game on PS3. Know this I have it. That's how much I enjoyed the game. I thought there could have been more online coop missions but overall this game was a blast and hope they make another one.
I occasionally just need to sit back and enjoy a game and this is the one I put in to do just that. Not to hard. Not to easy. Spon points are good so not to hard to get back where you were. The kill cams were off the chart and haven't seen a game yet with kill cams like this. Achievements were fun to get basically just getting shots different ways or kills different ways. Coop play was the best out there for me as well. Got to see my buddys kill shots and he got to see mine. It was a great adventure.