worth trying now that it's come down in price to a sensible amount. Don't get the Silver Star Edition.

User Rating: 5 | Sniper Elite V2 X360
Immersion: In Sniper Elite, players take on the role of Karl Fairburn, a possibly obvious reference to real life SOE Colonel William Fairbairn. While he himself is not relatable in any emotional way, his situation does draw the player in. On higher difficulty settings this is a slow, methodical game, where difficulty plays into the immersion, and can break it as well, as enemies AI becomes brutal. Fortunately, the difficulty is adjustable, players will want to take advantage of this to craft an immersive experience for themselves. All is not well however, As hard as it works to immerse players in the situation, it's also trying to be a good gaming experience. Visual models also remind players this is a game. 6.5/15, Next time Rebellion, think different, female Soviet sniper, 19th Century rifleman, or 23rd century sniper.

Difficulty: Fairburn is squishy, enemies are not. Bullet ballistics are adjustable as well. On higher difficulties enemy AI gets unfair, making the game feel like a sprint. The enemy knows exactly where the player is and is just waiting for the first shot from the player before they allow themselves to move in and eliminate the player. I prefer to have full ballistics and low quality enemies, for a more realistic experience. 6/15, the adjustability counts for a lot, but it doesn't get over how quickly the game goes from fair to WTF, that was hard on default settings.

Lasting appeal: 7.5/15 it's worth playing through, and offers up a challenge (limited horde mode) mode. There's also a multiplayer mode, but I won't discuss that. A quality shooting experience. It's lack of features, it's not a mindless slaughter game, and altogether low ability to hold player attention that keeps this game from going higher.

Overall score: 6.7/15. Definitely not for everyone.