Great game for sniper fans

User Rating: 9 | Sniper Elite V2 X360
If you like sniping games then this is for you. I've just finished Red Dead Redemption which is a great game and inolves some sniping. The beauty of this game is the in depth atention to detail, making a kill requires patience and skill, not just a quick lining up of the target. The in game bullet cam and x ray are also superb. Its quite satisfying seeing the bullet rip through an enemys body. I waited for the game of the year edition and am looking forward to the online content. There are a couple of minor niggles, the AI is a bit erratic and you can't open doors. However these are only minor issues and don't spoil the game. There are plenty of weapons to choose from and lots of challanges and awards, which is always a nice touch. Might be interesting to go back to the early levels now to get a bette score and try a different strategy. All in all this is a great game.