Steam DLC question?

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I preordered the game and got the Hitler map DLC, but I thought I was suppose to get Rifles as well. Can someone tell me what rifles I was suppose to get... the names? I may have them (I have three right now on the second or third mission) but I do not see them (since I dont know which ones I am suppose to have). Can someone tell me where to look or how to activate them. I know there was an issue with this, but how do I check to see if I am haveing this issue or not..... I just want to see which ones they are and how they look. I take it you can use them in the single player mod. I have not played multiplayer yet...


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when you get the mission briefing, I know you can hit RB or soemthing on Xbox and get to layout and choose the other guns

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You get the kar98 and the SVT 40 and like the dude above me said there is a layout screen, just click it when you are looking at the briefing/map screen. It should be on the top right IIRC and click the little arrows to switch through the weapons
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Thanks for the info on the gun names and yes I know where the layout screen is. Are these guns available in the single player from the get go or do you get them later in missions while playing the single player part? Or are they only available in multiplayer?


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This question came up on the official forum. While most of the responses (including mine) pointed out the obvious of advancing to the next pre mission screen to get to the 3rd one, which is the loadout screen, it just occured to me that since rifles other than the Springfield become available as you play the sp campaign, it is entirely possible I suppose if you jump right into the Kill Hitler DLC without first advancinmg through the campaign at least once, that you might very well only have the Springfield as an option.