sniper elite v2 multi player

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what ! no multiplayer team deathmatch or deathmatch free for all,thats what made the original game so much fun after you completed the single player it true that pc version will include these?could ps3 users get more multi player modes as dlc?
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i doubt it.  to be honest i don't see how PvP multiplayer would be much fun with this kind of setup.  By that i mean that I don't think the levels or gameplay lends itself to sniping each other, only NPC enemies.  I agree though that a game where 6+ players hunt each other down with sniper rifles would be AWESOME if they could find a way to make it work without it being frustrating.  Otherwise what's the point of just running around with guns in yet ANOTHER frag-fest game that couldn't stand a chance gainst the CoD juggernaut?

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I understand that multiplayer is coming this November sometime for the PS3. I for one am looking forward to different game modes.
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it's here and they're free! the maps are really nice, but very few users.