Screw bad reviews - having mad fun with it...

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I can safely say I don't regret my pre-order and purchase. The game is incredibly fun, and although I'm kind of "jealous" that TDM is only available for the PC version, it doesn't bother me all that much. With every headshot I pull off, entering bullet time, hearing "my" heart pounding, calculating drop distance and the wind factor, I get a smile on my face because I pulled it off. This game is made by a small studio, published by a small publisher, but can give me more fun and smiles than AA or AAA games, I think this speaks ton about the game itself.

Don't let reviews ruin it for you, there's a demo available, try it and if you like what you play, get the game. Developers behind such games are worth supporting.

Oh, and, if you want to play online together, add me: Unbreakable13.

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Why should YOUR opinion count more than the majority of the reviewers who think it's a very average game?

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its not that his opinion weighs more. The way I understand his comment is more along the lines of the game recieving a score that unjustly brings it down to a level that may scare off potential buyers. Its unfair becuase this game tries so many things (and actually succeeds) and approaches others with such creativity that it boggles the mind to see such a crappy score. Yet, we see Call of Duty doing the same thing over and over, perhaps every time with a bit more eye candy, and getting amazing scores. This helps the franchise solidify its pop culture status and increments the fan base, which translates into bigger and more effective marketing campaigns (not so much better games), and usually bigger market share. You might think this trivial, but small developers (especially) suffer at the store (Point of Purchase) due to limited marketing budgets, The biggest exposure their game gets is when a major site like this one reviews it. Believe or not, this review can very well kill the games projected income in America....and yes, to me this review is unfair an immature. If you compare it against other 6.0 games (within the genre) in this site, you`ll see the damage a bit more clearly. This game has given me thrills I havent felt since Hidden & Dangerous 2. I wholeheartedly thank Rebellion for that.
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I'm starting to realize what the "d" and "b" stand for in "sbdb".