Not A "Budget" Title.`

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You know, it's funny how perception goes. Knock ten bucks off the price and everyone judges the game on a different scale. Hey, don't get me wrong. If you like paying the extra sawbuck so you can fund the private launch parties and free t-shirts be my guest. If you simply must have Jonah Hill, or some other seven-figured mainstream actor, pimp the game and you require Madison Avenue to tell you what's good who am I to judge? Just realize that swag bags for the kids of industry execs, prime time commercials and promoting Jeeps that carry the brand of your favorite series costs money and that's where that $10 (if not more) is going every time you buy a "AAA" action title. Let's not get it twisted, people. Metacritic payola, industry-to-press "good ol' boyism" and $20,000,000 advertising budgets do not a good game make.
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Guess that means you like the game? :P

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@Jbul: I'm not one to wet the bed over errant review scores, but I'm surprised "It made my monthly cycle come early and heavy" wasn't one the chief complaints from certain "pro" reviewers. The fingers type from the overflow of the heart and knowing the truth often gets the best of me. It's a rock-solid title that won't change the face of gaming, but it's unique and stays true to the original, which is something I value. Simple graphical face lifts and polishing a few rough edges are often thrown out in favor of wholesale copycat trendiness when it comes to sequels and this one doesn't fall into the same trap that The Darkness and Resistance series' did. Good luck seeing the next one of either on a major console - Burning Skies doesn't count. Rather than give in to the phantom needs of a market that may or may not actually exist, they served the fan base faithfully and deserve to be rewarded.
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You sir are a master of obfuscation. Straightforwardness is something that happens to other people. Also any game that shows people what bullets do to the genitalia deserves a cult following, otherwise what is the world coming to?