criteria for killcam to be appear in sniper elite v2

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can any one tell me when x-ray kill-cam appear in sniper elite v2 ,,,, its just rarely for me ,, i mean every time bullet animate but no kill cam ???? if i kill 20 enemies the kill cam comes only for 1 or 2 ???

what is the criteria for killcam to be appear in sniper elite v2

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I had x-ray cam Every time I made a headshot or when I hit a vital spot.

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I had x-ray cam Every time I made a headshot or when I hit a vital spot.


HOW ,:cry:,, TELL ME IS THERE ANY OPTIONS ???:shock:

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X Ray Cam pretty much always pops up for me with headshots and vital shots on campaign. As far as I know, there is no option to turn that on or off. Now, when I play online, I can't recall ever seeing the the cam.

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I can confirm as a PC user that in the options it allows you increase the chances of kill cam from little to normal to increased to pretty much 90% of the time. It does seem to only happen on certain boday parts tho it seems, lowest i've got it is just below the knee with a kill cam which was suprising from a quick shot.

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Personally I wish you could turn Kill Cam completely off, and the slow mo of Focus too. More often than not it just keeps me from getting a quick bead on the next target, and going in and out of the cinematic and the slow mo seems to make going in and out of scope view hitchy at times. It's mostly just a problem in the challenge maps where every second counts lining up shots.

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shoot on your target when the red square is barely will be able to get some better results.and always try to shoot on head or vital organ.