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I have been playing computer games for 40 years ! PC games, now XBOX 360 games. I have seen it all(Flight Simd, FPS, RPG, Strategy).My philosophy of gaming has evolves though all these decades and now I just buy the games after I play the demo and like it. Picked up Sniper Elite 2 and it is a blast ! Love sniper games and it is a great departure from the COD, Battlefield 3 games( all super games in their own right). I don't get to involved in the "reality" of the setting, play the game the way I want(like cadet or casual or any way I have fun-it's my $$). This is what's so great about this hobby. You can be transported to a "fantrasy" adventure through gerat technology. I would advise all younger gamers to just go where you get enjoyment. Don't get hung up on reviews. Yo be the judge. There is ALWAYS another game atounf the bend. Gaming is the cheapest form of entertainment there is. Think of all the hundreds of hours one gets out of a $6- game ! You can blow $60 in a bar in 3 hours of a few beers and a good burger and fries/

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Roger that.

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Why should YOUR opinion count more than the majority of the reviewers who think it's a very average game? It never crossed your mind that there is a reason why there are so few people visiting the forum for this game? And spare me the predictable "it's all those COD players who don't like this game", because that one is getting really old.

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Dude, are you on a crusade against this game? Hahaha, I mean seriously, Did it steal your girl or ruin your hair or something? I mean, we all know this is a low budget game. And of course, it has the usual set of quirks inherent to these "underground" games. Its what they manage to get right, with such limited resources, that often amazes the more open minded (usually older) gamers all over. Sniper Elite V2 is one of those games. Ill give you a tip, when you try the game again, dont approach it like one of the mainstream titles we`re used to. Dont try too hard to judge it, and allow it to show you what it does right. Who knows, perhaps you`ll be thanking me later for it.
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I love it. Gamespot user "A" comes into a forum to praise a game that didn't do the marketing (read: shmoozing and free swag to editors & staff) it takes to squeeze out another review point or two, or the game has technical issues similar to many, many games that garner much higher scores. Or, in some cases GS user "A" has real issues with a universally, critically praised game (by the industry press, that is) and states them point by point and wonders why they're overlooked by so many people. In the former example, GS user "B" chimes in - usually four or five posts into a thread - to say no one has any right to state how they actually feel, even if they have bought and played the entire game. User "B" will then usually state that "pro" reviewers are "pro" reviewers for a reason and any criticism they get is fanboy generated and rings hollow in the face their journalistic expertise. In the latter, they simply shriek "TROLL!" and gang up. It's a niche game. It's a well-constructed game. It's unique. I appreciate the polish, effort and faithfulness to the original Rebellion has put into this one. It's better than an average-to-decent score. It'll sell millions. Enough said.
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I feel like my 50$ was well spent here. :D