Sniper Elite:Nazi Zombie Army review

User Rating: 8.5 | Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army PC
what another zombie game really?, yes but a very fun and addictive one, i did'nt see much advertisement for this game, i saw some you tube trailers and thought why not, its ony 15 bucks on steam,
the gameplay is simple go from one area to the other blasting zombies to hell, its been done before i know that,but what i like is that its from a sniper point of view, your trapped in a alley with a horde of nazi zombies stumbling across to you, you do a steady aim and crack one maybe two or even 3 or 4 threw there heads and seeing the graphic x-ray view point from the previous game its brutal,but satisfying to see,also the type of zombies you have are great to, some have dynamite strapped to them and charge at you wanting to blow you up, or the sneaky sniper ghouls who leap from building to building,and then there the slow moving ones who will move on you or pop out of nowhere and try and tear you to pieces,the gameplay and mechanics are identical to sniper elite v2,even the back ground is, just all has changed ruined buildings and now in night to add to the atmosphere,what i was really surprised by was the music,it had an 80's suspence horror vibe to it,which worked for me, the solo mode in this game is enjoyable,
the co-op is even better you can have up to 4 players trying to defeat hitlers undead not sure,what the online is like but from the videos on you tube it looks to be a blast.
ok the faults now sometimes when your in cover and try to get out of it you get stuck, or the trying to run away from the nazi horde the control system might let you down.
also the inventory setup was alittle confusing specially when you want throw a grenade and set up a mine instead.
but i really did enjoy this game,even if its just another zombie cash in its actually done well and i recommend this to anyone who wants to kill zombies, instead of playing zombies on cod or left 4 dead.
its a different type of zombie fun in the 3rd person ww2 style.
visuals 7/10 zombies look cool ,could been more inventive on the towns
audio 9/10 music and groaning zombies very creepy
gameplay 8.5/10 shooting zombies in the head fun,inventory could of been better.
overall 8.5 /10

zombie nazi madness
gameplay trailer down below