"A Blade Runner rip off which actually proves to be an original and unique experience!"

User Rating: 9 | Snatcher SCD
This game was originally designed for the MSX with certain updates later on for the Mega CD and PSone versions.

Snatcher was created by Metal Gear Solid's Hideo Kojima. Hideo, being an obsessed Japanese man with a massive chip on his shoulder for being dumped into the MSX devision in the 80s, has evidently spammed the world "Metal Gear" throughout his travels.

Now onto the game review:


Some people will call this a point and click but to be honest its more of an multiple choice answer type investigation game. The combat is done by a grid system so theres no real free-for-all styled shooting.

Like the combat, the answers and investigative process is pretty much linear and you have to just multiply investigate or look at things to open up new clues etc.

It sounds boring right? Well thats were it takes a slight twist.

The game has full voice acting with "proper" soundtracks etc. For a game made in 1988 this was increadible. Also imagine the fact you can use a light gun for that combat grid system back then...it was increadible.

Manga styled characters and actually very cool atmosphere makes this game a very unique experience...even though its borrowingly heavily(almost 100%) from Blade Runner.


Manga styled artwork. In a way its much like a comic book however the effects for its time was very good! Animations are also excellent, adds alot of atmosphere!


Ok lets put it this way. Its the 80s so....everyone was pretty much into Jazz Fusion or Japanese Jazz Fusion. Its evident here. I play saxophone and i love playing the "One Night in Neo Kobe City" song, its well composed like the rest of the soundtrack and makes the game seem more like a film.

The voice acting can range from below average C-movie type acting to actually quite decent pieces of dramatic work. Some of the sounds are well done, some aren't...still for an game from its time...freakin' awesome.


Lets put it this way. Blade Runner...a game mainly inspired or derived around the concept of Cyberpunk and investigation, gritty film noir styles and great brooding soundtrack music - things like this never come along that often.

Many people grew tired of the Cyber Punk genre or didn't know how to approach it right. They thought as long as it had any type of punk in it with hover cars it would be "Cyber Punk"...however they grossly misunderstood what "Snatcher" and Blade Runner achieved in this sector.

An atmosphere for one proved to be a winner. A certain idealistic "cosyness" whilst looking at the darkened skies of the Snatcher and Blade Runner universe...watching the rain fall or the gritty realism that androids are killing humans and that the streets are ruled by gangs and crime is high.

Its hard to pull this off, also find a supporting soundtrack to accompany such a game. In both instances, Snatcher and Blade Runner have done a fine job....sure Blade Runner is darker but Snatcher brings something tottaly different in its humour, colourful enviroments and characters and its soundtrack.

A Blade Runner rip off which actually proves to be an original and unique experience! Who would have thunk it! Kojima did....shame hes obsessed with "Metal Gear"....sad sad man.