A great storyline marred by clumsy interface and mediocre voice-acting.

User Rating: 8 | Snatcher SCD
The Good:

-Engaging and memorable storyline
-Interesting characters
-Decent art

The Bad:

-Voice-overs (A few characters are voiced well, while others just sound ridiculously cheesy. In my opinion, neither the Japanese nor the English voice-acting is that great).
-Cumbersome interface (Navigating through the menu trees gets old really fast)
-Traditional "point-and-click" frustrations (often the only thing to do is just go through all the possible options over and over again)


While the actual game-mechanics are not that impressive, the storyline is quite memorable and it makes the game worth playing. If you are a fan of Hideo Kojima's work (most notably the Metal Gear series) then you will find even more bonuses in here. And while some aspects of this game are quite annoying, it will still leave you wanting more.