The beginning of the Metal Gear phenomenom.

User Rating: 10 | Snatcher SCD
Time for anthology! Did you remember back, when the 8-16 - bit era was the best?? Remember or know the MSX and the Sega CD?? So, you're heard about classical and great consoles!

When the Nintendo Entertainment System was released, a lot of gaming industries were interested in the technology. Some consoles became famous, like the Master System. But some others became unknown. One of these was the Konami MSX. Its greatest games was Snatcher, Sd-Snatcher and Gundam. The only of these three had versions for other consoles. And it was Snatcher.

Graphics (10/10) - What can be more satisfying then scary robots, abandoned and futuristic places, very-well maded sprites??

Sound (10/10) - Just fantastic. You feel like you're the character and you act like a real detective.

Gameplay (8/10) - Another investigation game. You select the action and your character does what you selected.

Replay (10/10) - With a fantastic story and awesome idea, Snatcher is a game to play forever. It doesn't matter how much did you played, you'll never get bored.

Story (9/10) - You are Gillian Seed. You live around the 2050, in the Neo Kobe city. You were invited for the Junker Special Operations for combat and investigate the Snatcher meancle. The Snatchers are robots wich apeared mysteriously after a nuclear accident. They kill people and morph into them.
Looks very interesting, right??