Drifting on a memory!!!

User Rating: 10 | Snatcher SCD
I play this game way back in December 1994, damn i was 19 years of age then lol. What happen to good games like this? I wish that Sega can get back into the console world once again (That will never happen) and believe me i know the history with Sega. But Snatcher is a classic that should never be forgotten. Snatcher may have came and gone along with the Sega CD but what Konami need to do it do a remake of this game just like Capcom doing remakes of the Resident Evil series. Too bad i don't own a Sega CD & Snatcher because this will be in my collection right now if i didn't sell my Sega CD in the past. The things we do for better graphics to make games like this pass gamers by.