An excellent cyberpunk adventure game designed by the legendary Hideo Kojima.

User Rating: 9.1 | Snatcher SCD
Snatcher for the Sega CD which was released in 1994, is a cosmetic remake of the original game released in 1988 only in Japan for the PC-88 and MSX2. It is an excellent cyberpunk adventure game designed by the legendary Hideo Kojima. In the game you play as Gillian Seed who currently lives in Neo Kobe City in 2047, and is about to join the "Junker Task Force". Junkers are special detectives who hunt down and rid the city of Snatchers. Snatchers are androids who take over the body and Identity of the victims they kill. Gillian is currently suffering from amnesia, and can't remember most of his past. Your main objective will be to hunt down, and eliminate the Snatcher threat. But along the way you will learn about your past, and how it relates to the current Snatcher threat. Throughout the game you choose what to do from a menu of choices which appears at the bottom of your screen, while the action is displayed at the top of the screen. You will spend most of your time going through the menu of choices investigating and interrogating in order to advance through the game. There are also some shooting sequences that you will encounter from time to time. The shooting sequences take place in first person view on a 3x3 grid. Along your way you will meet an interesting cast of characters including your robot sidekick Metal Gear, your wife Jamie who also can't remember her past, your clever but obnoxious informant Napolean, the crew at Junker Headquarters, and many others throughout the game. The voice acting for all the characters in the game are top notch, a rarity in 1994. All accents and dialects that appear in the game are presented to perfection. As for the graphics the Genesis does a great job of generating gritty cyberpunk/anime graphics. All the characters and scenes in the game are well drawn and very colorful. Overall, the game is not very long or very difficult (possibly with the exception of the shooting scenes). But the storyline is well written, and will leave you more than satisfied at the end of the game.