Stunning cuberpunk adventure in Kojima's style...

User Rating: 9.6 | Snatcher SCD
I will say that from the beginning, so there won't be any doubt - this game rocks! Best text-adventure game next to "Radical Dreamers" and great example of Kojima's genius.

If mentioned before "Radical Dreamers" I could call "interactive book" than "Snatcher" is a interactive anime. Basically it's choosing commands and watching cut-scenes, with some additional, simple shooting sequences from time to time. That's all. But reason I play this game and couldn't stop was plot. Mr. Kojima prove me again that he's a master in creating video game stories.

Action of the game take place in near future in Neo Kobe, a huge cyberpunk city where variety cultures mix with each other. And where danger can hide behind every corner. Such danger are Snatchers. Human-like androids who kill people to take their personality. To deal with snatchers problem a special force named JUNKERs was created. You start as a new JUNKER - Gillian Seed who in the past was found on ruins of Moscow and don't remember his past. That's just the beginning and believe that it will get reaaally complicated and crazy.

As I wrote before to interact in game you use commands ("look around", "talk", "search", etc.). Game is quite linear and to move forward you need to do everything that programmers prepared for you (but there is a bit freedom in moving between locations, some optional dialogues and characteristic for Kojima secrets). Form time to time you will also need to pull out your blaster and shoot a snatcher. than screen gets divided in 9 spheres between you move and aim. Most of them are quite easy and only at the end you might get sweat. Graphics are nice and look like form anime shows (only in lower resolution). Design is very good and brings on mind such movies as "Blade Runner", "Terminator" or "Dune". Music is good. there is not great variety of themes but it don't irritate even after longer playing time. Just don't expect something like in "MGS" and you will be fine. Big plus of sound and music is that there is a voice acting (YES!!!) and it's pretty good one. It help to get into story even more and make it more movie-like.

In the end I want to say that if you like cyberpunk stories and noir movies you should like "Snatcher". You might not like that game is quite static and linear but plot rewards everything. Plus if you're Kojima fan than for sure you need to check what did he create before "MGS".