The black sheep of the Metal Gear saga

User Rating: 3.8 | Snake's Revenge NES
Let´s trun back the clock to the NES era. Metal Gear was released in 1987 for the NES, dispite the poor translation (which was even worse than the MSX version released in in Europe) and the fact that you got to fight against a super computer instead of Metal Gear. The Metal Gear on the NES became a classic. Now it´s 1990, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is out for the MSX in Japan, and Ultra Games (the developers Metal Gear on the NES) had released thier own sequel to Metal Gear. But how is the game?

A terrorist group has gotten hold of Metal Gear which was supposed to be destroyed 3 years ago by Solid Snake. Now Solid Snake (referred to as lt. Snake) has become the master of martial arts (LOL!) and is now sent in to destroy Metal Gear and eliminate the terrorists.

See already, we have a problem. If you have read the manual (you can read it in text file here: ) you will read about some guy named Higharolla Kockamamie (Yes you can´t say his name)(By the way Higharolla Kockamamie is spelled correctly according to the manual) and guess what? He dosen´t appear in the game (Like Vermon CaTaffy's who where mentioned in the Metal Gear (NES) manual) The same goes for John Turner & Nick Myer who (in the manual) are supposed to be your friends. The final twist in Snakes Revenge is: Big Boss is back as a cyborg of some sort, and that´s just ridiculous.

Part of what made Metal Gear a success was it´s stealth gameplay, you where forced to sneak around rather then shoot everyone you saw. In Snakes Revenge, your less focused on sneaking and more focused on action, and for a Metal Gear game, that isin´t good. As a new thing, you can interrogate the emeny officers. However they won´t say jack about your emenys, unless you use (drums please) truth gas! It´s not worth it though since you can´t make use of anything they have to say. You´ll still get to rescue hostages which make you get a better rank, so you acn have more health and hold more ammo, that works and the controls are good by the way.

That´s not all of the terrible gameplay unfortunately, the developer just had to include some SIDE-SCROLLING SECTIONS! There are 2 type of those. The first type is used when your using a elevator (they are good for the most part) Then there´s the one where there´s emenys and cameras. Here you are forced to kill anyone you meet, because you can´t avoid them! What happened to the stealth part?

At least the graphics are decent, the backgrounds are nice to look at, however does anyone know what Snake had to be created in orange? or why Big Boss looks like s###?

The sound is the best thing about the game, the sound effects are somewhat good, and the tunes in the game are nice. (i´m reviewing this game like we are in 1990 by the way)

Many people have said that Metal Gear Snakes Revenge is the black sheep of the Metal Gear saga and they are right. Without Hideo Kojima, is it possible to make a good Metal Gear game? (except for Metal Gear Acid 2) The answer is no. So don´t buy this game ever and don´t download the rom either! It´s that terrible.