Sequel to the classic, and the game that literally blew my head to itsy bity pieces!!

User Rating: 10 | Snake's Revenge NES
metal gear 2: solid snake(the real name of this game) is a great game that holds true to the original. I read alot of hateful reviews about this game they are all wrong. this game focuses on the return of solid snake and his final fight against Big Boss the leader of FOXHOUND. In this game Snake suppousely kills the ninja from metal gear solid, whom in metal gear 2 is the guy that operates metal gear and dares to challenge the now experience no longer a rookie Solid Snake. Like Metal Gear the boss fights are rather fun and the game is a real challenge, it will take you a fair amount of hours to beat it. This game concludes the story of one of the greatest characters ever made, Big Boss who unlike in metal gear fails to escape and is burned to death, after his final encounter with Solid Snake. Hella of a way to go I have always said, they should definately remake this game. To me it holds the best story telling out of all the metal gears and the greatest villian Solid ever faced(yes even greater than liquid!!!).