One of THE most frustrating games ever...just pick it up and drop it off, easy, baby, real easy. AAAAGGHH!

User Rating: 3.3 | Crazy Bump's: Kattobi Car Battle (Syscom Game Gallery) PS2
The game sucks. That would be a suitable review. But, most people just won't accept that. So, I'll go through every part of this game and tell you about it. It will hurt me a alot more than you.

First off, when I started, I was like, "wow! This game was worth the 2.99 I paid for it!" But, then it started getting repetitive, but I told myself "it's only the first few levels, it'll get better" It didn't get better. It got worse.

The gameplay sucks. Plain and simple. The physics are fun, sure, but after the 9th level, it's the most frustrating game ever. Ok, that's a little much. But still...the 10th level hurt me in ways i've never been hurt before. The cops are dumb at first, but if you get stuck at a level as I did, you notice how incredible they are. Once, I was playing this game, and I was driving calmly, no cops in sight. I crashed, and stopped for a second. 5 cops literally came out of the sky, then I was arrested...


I can't even talk about the gameplay, it's just so stupid. The graphics are decent, though if you look closely enough, the ground is PS1 quality. Then the sound...the horrible sound...

You see, if the sound wasn't as bad as it was, I would like this game soooo much more. You see, when you drive around it's okay, but sometimes when you drive on gravel it sounds like someone eating cruchy cereal. But that's not so bad, right? But the music is absolutely horrid. It's techno, but that's not it. I like techno sometimes. It's just so generic and repetitive, especially when you get stuck on a level. It's unbareable to listen to.

The very worst feature in the game, tough, is the lady that talks to you. Radio Girl. She sounds like a 49 year old with a drinking problem. Once when I got stuck in this unbareably hard level, She just kept saying "just pick it up and drop it off, easy baby, real easy." She said it at least 100 times. She has, like, 3 phrases, and she repeats them OVER and OVER. Nothing is worse than listening to her talk. You can turn her off, thank God, but It's even worse to listen to that stupid techno music. So your pretty much stuck.

My cousin played this game. He is generally quiet when playing games, and has never gotten frustrated. He's a good racing game player, so he wanted to try. He screamed at the television. A LOT. He said things that day that I've never heard him say. We tried multiplayer, but that was more boring than playing football with a cardboard box.

I'll warn you once, and only once. This games not worth however much you pay for it. DON'T BUY IT.