An Alternative For Midnight Club Fans.....

User Rating: 8.3 | Crazy Bump's: Kattobi Car Battle (Syscom Game Gallery) PS2
After owning and playing all three games in the Midnight Club series I figured I might as well pick up the off-road counterpart. While the graphics were equally as primative to the first midnight club, The same gameplay provailed along with the same innovative(for its time) free roaming maps.

Similar to the gameplay of Midnight Club you the racers (well now smuggler) race in point to point races. One difference is that there are no competitors racing against you to steel the loot (only on rare occations are there rival races). But this fact is ok. The cops and terrain alone will keep you challenged enough. That is one thing that makes this game fun yet challenging. Knowing the terrain is key and knowing how to outsmart the cops will also come in handy.
The off-road terrain is another feature that makes this game differ from Midnight Club. Crusing is just as fun but now you can get big air and it is so much fun. The terrian cause a challenge when "smugglin" and using it to your advantage to get rid of the cops will keep you entertained enough.
The game also has a very good physics engine and the fact that different terrains offer traction is very fun yet challeneging as well.
The cop go easy on you to start but become very challenging toward the end. Once again using the terrain is key.

The graphics seem a notch up from midnight club with better textures, shading and blending. Yet this is probably because Midnight Club contained buildings and used cloning with its textures.

The music and sound effects are technoish and thats ok but I usuall find My AMP switch over to my computer while I Listen to iTunes.

Value is great. There Is no reason (unless you are anal) to not pick this one up used for 3 to 5 dollars.

An excellent game for its value and (at the time) innovative gameplay.
The hills wills give you fun for hours cruising and the cops will keep chasing you for a challenege.