Simple yet very fun game ruined by those damn superhuman cops

User Rating: 4 | Smuggler's Run PS2

I swear I'd give this game 10/10 if those cops were less superhuman. Around mission 10 they become intolerable. I mean they can make 180 degree turns on a place in an instant - what more can I say except that they must have some alien technology. This game becomes literally unplayable after mission 10, it's simply a bad game design. Did they playtest each mission? I highly doubt that. Since this was PS2 launch title, it must have been rushed out. In mission ten or so 6 cop suvs encircle me every time and I can't do nothing about it. And I only could finish mission 8 or 9 because one of the cops fell upside down and remained that way during all the mission. What a shame, this is my kinda game and I would have really liked it. But I guess these devs had inferiority complex like that because one of their previous games that I played aeons ago - Midtown Madness 1 or 2 - was insanely hard too.