A REQUEST ... Please dont Support the Game ...

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i want to ask anyone you are ll sensible men . cant the game creator find anything different then copying religious icons of a really honored faith for money or fun? their has been game creations all over the world and time but is it really necessary to hurt someone for money..

lets leave religion for a while. consider your ownself for a moment .well would like to be a part of a game where you and your family are meant to fight each other till you die or your loved ones or respected ones die . do you love watching, hurt your child or mother for fun ,( of course in the game) . is this what makes sense. religion is something pure , something which has bonded us to our humanity for a long time. why to contaminate it just for fun or money.. i dont understand ..

you are all good businessmen and creative ones cant you find some better idea to create a game.

I have seen some reviews of the company that they are telling the world about other religion and they know more about our religion or civilization then we do.

I want to know something that some of the people says that the game is spreading information . let me say for them that the game is just a cheep copy of an image of our deity name and ability. like they showed the war image of maa kali but do they know "maa kali provide the grace of knowledge to kalidas" . they dont understand that any is not bound by the way a story shows them . they are respectfully much great than we can possibly imagen ..

if they want more people to know about a religion i will suggest them that first they should follow it and experience it.. have one of them ever came to Kalighat Kali Temple or Dakshineswar Kali Temple or any temple in india?

. have any of them just waited for a long time in a very long que just that to get a glimps of maa kali ?just that to tell her what you want or why you came to her or what is your problem hoping your problems will definitely get resolved. or just you were there standing and waiting believing that maa has called you .

or have any of them experienced meeting someone who came from such temple giving "prasad " and saying "i was lucky that maa called me " have they experienced the satisfaction on that face . NO.. They just create this program you call game.. and think that you know all about our religion by reading what ever source you have .

and the game creator is smart they tell that other religion has no god who fight evil so fiercely..first i bet they dont really have any idea what is evil or what is the battle to fight the evil.. and secondly i think that the game creator dont remember the crucifixion of jesus or the Sacrifices of Muhammad in Islam. they dont understand any religion if they think like this.

The game creator dont understand that when we indians write "maa ka ashirwaad"(meaning Blessing of mother or god) we actually believe in it with our whole heart. that it is an insult creating some disrespectful game and remodeling a religious diety as they think fit.

I would appeal to any or all of you who are playing this silly interpretation you call game if you really understand your own religion or what it has given to you dont play this game this is disrespectful in all forms of thoughts and to all gods (and specially female gods). as which ever god they are we can only show respect to them thats what we humans are capable of..................

belief is something pure dont play with it ..

and you can only show respect towards . thats what we are capable of ...