Don't waste time on that game

User Rating: 1 | SMITE PS4

At first it seem to be a good game well made... but by time you realize that what it seem is not what it is. Let's begin with the matchmaking.. or in fact the non-matchmaking. Let's say you're a new player to the game and play your first match against real player. If you're lucky, you'll be teamed with experienced player that have a lot of hour of game play against low experienced player so you'll easily win the game even if it is the first time you play. So the matchmaking doesn't even care of the skill or ability of the player and make team that are totally unbalance. That's the first point.

For my second point, let say that it is the environment itself. Since I begin to play, I've been bullied and even receive messages directly in my PlayStation player box from player that want to insult me or even to show off the fact that they win. I had to restrict my message box to avoid those kind of message that was uncanny and hurting.

Finally, my last point, the game is full of "BUG". Some gods have attacks that don't work properly or just didn't work at all. The game crash really often and, often, in the middle of a battle. So you either be killed or just be kick out of the game. Twice I had bugs like that and couldn't return in the game or return but the game was still bugged and receive a deserter penalty and couldn't play for 30 minutes.

So if you want to have a pleasant and entertaining game don't choose this one, you'll regret it. I have looked to the other review and realize that I wasn't the only one that think that... what a shame for a game that would be fun otherwise.