Fresh air in the MOBA styled games.

User Rating: 9 | SMITE PC

Smite is a free to play game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios.

Unlike the most common MOBA games such as DOTA and LoL, the camera is 3rd person, and it is wasd-controlled. This makes for a much more action oriented game, rather than the "boring" over the top view. Smite is different, Smite is cool, and Smite is something for the future of MOBA-styled games. Smite also has a very growing e-sports community, and there are weekly tournaments with cash prizes. Another important factor, is the fact that you play as gods from different mythologies. Such as Norse, Greek, Roman or Hindu. These points are the things that makes the game stand out from the typical over the top MOBA. The artwork, and attention to detail; if it is general map design, or for example skins for various gods: Is great.

Smite is a game that myself have invested ALOT of time, and $$$$$ into, whether it is worth it, that's your opinion.