Smite in a Nutshell

User Rating: 10 | SMITE PC

I got smite in April of 2013, and ever since I've been hooked. There hasn't really been a day that I haven't played it. Smite was my first MOBA ever, since I haven't played LoL or DotA ever. This game appealed to me more than the click-and-move MOBAs.

I gave this game a 10/10 because of numerous reasons: Replayability, Community, Entertainment, the feeling you get whenever you land a hard skill shot or beat someone 1v1, etc. Smite has been my favorite game since April of 2013 and I see no sign of them slowing down.

Hirez has been extremely attentive to the community's needs and have not dissapointed us much at all. They have made a few community driven skins, they've listened to our complaints about the general balance of the game, and they've been very interactive as they have TWO 24 hour streams that are constantly there to help new players understand the game. Hirez sponsors those streams but not only Hirez employees are streamers.

Finally, the game is just flat out fun. The idea of mythological battle to fight a titan is just appealing. Everytime I'm playing the game and one of my friends comes over and asks what the game is they get intrigued just by the idea. This game is fun beyond belief and whoever is reading this should DEFINITELY give it a shot.

Best of luck to you all! :)