Better Game than I thought!

User Rating: 7.5 | Smash Court Tennis 3 X360
I remember seeing this game come out in August and I pretty much by passed it because at the time I was involved in Top Spin 3 which I consider the next Generation of Tennis video gaming. But my friend bought SCT3 and told me it was better than Virtua Tennis 3, but easier than TS3, so I decided to fork over the $40 and you know what? Actually this game is not bad at all. Granted the Graphics are PS2 comparable, but the game makes up the difference with excellent sound, realistic grunts, signature moves and serves, very in-depth career mode and lots of options. Its especially nice to be able to create more than 4 tennis players unlike TS3 and its nice that you can actually play against them. I have only had the game for a day now, but I'm really enjoying the feel and game play of it! I don't see why this game got rated so low for! So I give it a good 7.5 rating! Smash Court Tennis 4 will be awesome come next year!