This is certanly one of the best Tennis Games i ever played. Innovative and revolutionary.

User Rating: 9 | Smash Court Tennis 3 X360
Well i readed many reviews about this game saying that is disastrous or not funny, but finnaly i played it at a friend´s house and determined to order my own.
Cause i found it very addictive, the controls are revolutionay and innovative, is not a tennis game where you press a button to hit the bal and you will win easyly, NO!. In this game you need to press the button to prepare the hitter arm and make a perfect move and then release it when you want the player hit the ball. Plus the serve system is innovative too cause uses a motion ring outside the ball to determine your perfect service. For last the only bad point i found is that gfx are not the great for a Next Gen Console and lose a bit against Top Spin 3, but this game includes Nadal and TS3 dont!.
Anyway Gfx are great enough and ways better from previous versions i played once time on ps2.
The non licenced tournaments is not a great problem for me, i can live with that.
I really recommend you this game if u want to play a real tennis game, a tennis simulator.
Is miles away, better than Virtual Tennis 3.
Cause VT3 is not a simulator like this, VT3 is just an Arcade.
So, i think that Smash Court Tennis 3 is a great choice for REAL TENNIS FANS!