Important read this. There is a trick to this game.

User Rating: 8.9 | Smash Court Tennis 3 PSP
Namco spent a lot of time and effort developing the atmosphere and it shows. Everything is beautiful and detailed from the character creation to the minigames to the cutshots - it's a great game to look at and navigate. The courts are beautiful and players are great looking. You can change their look (hairstyles) after you've created them. You can negotiate for sponsors. During match play you can even use the hawkeye system to dispute a call. How cool is that? Throw in some cool minigames and there's a lot to do before getting to the pro tour mode.

But if you need instant gratification, this is not your game. In pro tour mode, where you create your own player and move up to become number one, your newbie player is very undeveloped and slow. this continues until you have had a chance to use skill points to upgrade and increase several basic skills. In addition. you must rethink how you play. In VTWT and VT3 you are pressing and releasing the shot button when the ball bounces in front of you in one quick movement. IN THIS GAME during a rally, press the shot button (ie the circle, square or x) as soon as the ball leaves your opponents racket. With the shot button pressed and the ball flying toward you, move your character to the ball using the analog stick and aim using the analog stick. Wait until the ball bounces and just barely begins to rise THEN release the shot button. It's tricky to get used to and kinda counter-intuitive, This is a very precise game. Follow the above and you will be rewarded with a great shot. I know this is in the tutorials but who the heck uses those. Enjoy. It's a great game.