Stunning character design. Although not one of the best tennis games I've played, but still worth trying.

User Rating: 6.1 | Smash Court Tennis 3 PSP
As most of the people reading this already know, Smash Court Tennis 3 (SCT3) is more of a life-like simulation tennis game than a fast-paced one (Virtua Tennis 3 for example).

SCT3 is life-like in the sense that players will definitely make tonnes of errors (forced or unforced), and that you'll need precise control and timing (and lots of practice, too) to be able to master the game.

The graphics is fantastic, and the characters look stunningly like the real persons. Although the crowd detail was kind of disappointing.

Gameplay wise, it was okay. I get messed up over the controls sometimes, due to the fact that I have to press 4 different buttons just for hitting different kinds of shots, and the R1 trigger needs to be held on to allow the player to run.

The characters' movements were kinda choppy, not very smooth. Also, sometimes it seem that the player is going to miss the shot, racquet not in contact with the ball and all, but hey, it hit!

If you're a person who likes challenges, prefers to take things slow, and doesn't like to win too easily, this is definitely the game for you. Those who prefer a faster-paced tennis game that is easier to pick up, with few button configurations (like me), I'd suggest you stick to Virtua Tennis 3.