Smash Cars: Virus Run Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Destroy your friend's car in any level in Split Screen mode. Friendship Betrayer
    Infect 2 cars during 6 seconds in Virus Run mode. Infector
    Score 7500 points in one match in Virus Run mode. Score Hunter
    Get 50 stars in one single player or split screen level. You must earn a bronze medal or higher in order to unlock the trophy. Smash Cars Ultrastar
    Infect 4 cars during one match in Virus Run mode. Virus Spreader
    Both players should get first and second place in any Lap Race mission in Split Screen mode. We are the Champions
    Achieve multiplayer rating 'Ace'. World Ace

    Contributed by: Guard Master, R351D3NT3V1L4