An electronic deck of Trivial Pursuit cards

User Rating: 6 | Smarty Pants WII
Smarty Pants is a collection of trivia questions accessed via the Wii as opposed to the old-school deck you'd find in a traditional board game. Unfortunately it stops there, since the scant additional features feel tacked-on like a lazy afterthought.

Though the menu claims to offer options, they boil down to single vs multiplayer and co-op vs competitive. The rest could be summed up as "difficulty". Once the game commences, you are presented with multiple-choice questions and choose the answer you want by simple point & click with the Wii remote.

The game's weak attempt to add motion control is implemented so poorly that as long as you waggle hard enough you get credit for any task you're supposed to perform, be it "Dance", "Jump", or even "Tug-of-War". I was hoping for more, but found myself disappointed.

The positive side of being such a basic game is that there was little opportunity for bugs or glitches- I certainly didn't encounter any. The game offers a lot of questions on a pretty wide variety of standard trivia topics, so if you're just looking for endless trivia this will be slightly more interactive than going through a Trivial Pursuit deck card by card.

In the end, though, if I'm going to plunk down my hard earned green for a video game whose core concept is already available in non-electronic format I expect to see some additions to the recipe and a unique experience. Smarty Pants fails to fulfill that expectation.