Smarty pants is a Great Game. Must be played. A Wii classic. Fun is what is all about. IDEAL GAME. Strong multiplayer.

User Rating: 10 | Smarty Pants WII
I was suprised by this game. It is so much fun. Its like having a game show in your living room. You enter your age so it will ask age appropriate questions. Me, my wife, and my 10 year old girl play this all the time. How many games bring your whole family together to play? What a great experience. Not to mention it is educational. We need more creative titles like this for the Wii. You raise you hand to answer questions. Just like in school. Mix it up with wheel of fortune, card strategy, mini games that are easy to play, and a slick super easy interface and you have an instant Wii classic. Game site reviews need to start rating games by fun factor, not graphics or hype. Eliminating people based on ads was a huge mistake too. This game is all about multiplayer. I have more time in it then Halo 3. Recommended strongly by me.