A Wii game truly for all ages to have fun!

User Rating: 9 | Smarty Pants WII
This is an excellent game, and one that could/should be a "poster child" for the power of the Wii. Tons of trivia questions, and they're geared toward the player's age, so kids can play with their parents and even grandparents, and everyone's on fairly equal ground!
Several categories, so people who don't know as much about sports can make up for it with the science, fashion, art, or any of the other category questions. Options of playing a quick game or let it last a while. (I like to do several rounds of quick games.)

I guarantee if you give this a try, you'll want to keep playing it over and over. I haven't seen a small title game with this much replay value on the Wii yet, until now. $50 may be a bit much, but wait a little while and get it on sale. If you can find it for $30-$40, this would be an excellent value.

This game's all multiplayer, and it does it superbly. The game itself may not be action packed or have an announcer, but every time I play, it's the players making all the fun and excitement, which makes for a fun and memorable experience.