Perhaps the most underrated, most innovative game of all time.

User Rating: 10 | Smarty Pants WII
Smarty pants on the nintendo Wii is, is, to be honest, an awesome game. There are no faults
with this non-stop thrill ride of action, huge spills, and with over 40 hours of gameplay, there is
no way the player feels cheaped out of solid content.

There is one major problem with this game, and thats the title. "Smarty Pants" in no way
lives up to the surreal and gritty violence inherent within this game. There a metaphors and underlying meanings of racism, and totalitarianism throughout this seemingly innocent title.The gameplay is futuristic both in innovation and technology. The new HUD (heads up display) employed in the game allows players to view the environments through awesome points of perspective, as the the developers leave no stone unturned, detail wise.

The true potential of the Wii's graphics and power are put on show, as the boundaries
are tested , both with its seamless control scheme and the thoroughly convincing graphics, the bar had been surely raised. 10/10 nuff said