Fun game to play with friends, but not by yourself.

User Rating: 7 | Smarty Pants WII
Smarty Pants is good for what you expect from it. A variety of different trivia categories from sports and entertainment to art and science. The questions are pretty good for the most part, but sometimes you will questions right with no problem and then sometimes the game will throw some tough questions at you.

The game includes some very fun and competitive modes to just going around the group and answering questions. In order to choose a category you must spin a wheel and whatever you land on is the category. On the wheel are cards located sporadically and they allow you to steal a question, make questions harder, or the ability to multiply the points you get for the questions you get right for one round.

The game is better played with a group of people as it can get pretty competitive and there can be some strategy involved. There is really a lack of single player. The game is fun to pick up and play every once in a while. Every now and then I dust of the game and play with my girlfriend for a few rounds of Smarty Pants.