A very boring and dull game. I never play this game and i regret buying it.

User Rating: 6 | Smarty Pants WII
Its very boring. When you spin the wheel in friends mode, you can just change the subject if u don't like it. Whats the fun in that? The shooting mode for more points is also highly inaccuarte. It doesn't matter because, when you play it will mess up your score. That makes the game very boring. When you use the cards, those mini games are also boring because its so easy to do. They need to make this game a lot harder or its not gonna go anywhere. The double points dance also is inaccurate because if you really dance the meter wont go up, to make it go up you need to spin it. Why don't they just call it,"Double points spin"? Also, the jail thing was a waste because they shouldn't even let you answer before the question finishes. When, you play one player, you can't even choose your mii. They are hardly any variety of games either. you can only play friends,family, or solo.