Game to keep the brain in good shape

User Rating: 8 | Smart as... VITA

I first played this game back in 2013 in my VITA. It is very addictive, and it pretty good to keep the brain in good shape. Now, in 2020, I am still playing it.

This game has several type of "training": logic, observation, arithmetic and language... My personal best is in arithmetic almost always, second best logic and some time observation... however, pretty bad in language.

There are days I am at+85% in the daily training and some that around 70% or even 60% because the brain is not always at its best.

In all these years, I almost played for 100 days (there were years in between that I even touched the VITA).

Well, this is the game that I played the most in the VITA. I could see that this game is largely underrated. Not even has a gamespot review.

Nowadays, there are features that no longer have support, such as compare result with friends, nearby players and global benchmark. It is like the sever of this game was shutdown for ever.

If you want to keep the brain in good shape, I do recommend to play it on a frequent basis... of course if you have a VITA.