Small Arms is...Better than Super Smash Brothers THERE I SAID IT!

User Rating: 7.5 | Small Arms X360
Smash Brothers was a stroke of genius on Nintendo's part. It was at once the ultimate fan service and a competent brawler. While the original had some control issues, they were fixed in Melee for Gamecube. While one problem was addressed in the second game, another presented itself, the incredible lack of balance some characters have. This is a problem that Smash has to this day. Any circle of friends that plays this game always has "that guy" that gets cheap kills all over the place with Zelda or Ness. Small Arms is the improvement on this system. While characters are far more forgettable than Mario & Samus, each player starts with a certain weapon. This can be swapped out for a different weapon which will appear on the field. If an opponent is freezing enemies and pushing them off cliffs, get his weapon and do it right back to him. While it does have this advantage over Smash, characters are far less varied, and there are less battlefields to play on. It's not going to take on Nintendo's giant of a brawler, its a good alternative.