A reasonably well-done smash bros. clone.

User Rating: 8 | Small Arms X360
Gameplay: Small Arms is essentially Super Smash Bros. with extreme focus on pickups. The platform fighting and moving stages are undeniably a knock-off of Nintendo’s classic. However with focus on guns and pickups the game diverges from the Smash Bros. formula. This is fun at first but can get boring and repetitive given time, and overall can really hold the game back.

Graphics: The graphics for Small Arms look great nice character detail and well done menus and stages overall make the game look like one of the best looking action arcade games to date.

Sound: Sound is handled well in small arms, guns sound powerful and explosions are even better the music is good but can get repetitive after awhile.

Value: For about $10 the fun Smash Bros. knock-off is a good deal. Conclusion: if you tired of chain sawing or want to get away from Oblivion Small Arms can deliver and for a reasonable price can fulfill some of those Smash Bros. needs.