A decent arcade game, with good graphics, but in the end it's just an average, short, side scrolling shooter.

User Rating: 5.5 | Small Arms X360
Small arms, to me, is as good as the Smash Bros clones will get. It features a limited variety of playable characters, and only a couple of maps to play. The story mode is very short and very simple. I had completed it in about half an hour on my first try. You will find yourself struggling to stay alive, while the enemies stand in one spot and shoot you with their crossbows and buzz saws.
Challenge mode is truly a challenge, with achievements requiring you to defeat 50 enemies with 5 lives. I went in thinking it wouldn't be too hard... I ended my first try with 3 kills. WOW. All this game ends up being is, the winner is the one with the most ammo and the biggest gun. Other than that, this game had potential, but just like every other copycat, it was bland and hardly fun.
For 400 ms points, its not too bad, but unless you have every other XBLA game, spend your money elsewhere.