A great Super Smash dopple ganger.

User Rating: 8 | Small Arms X360
Gameplay- On a 2-d plain with 3-d graphics (like Smash) but with a twist..every character is an animal and they all have at least 1 highly destructive weapon. And also where smash concentrates on smacking your opponent this game concentrates on gunning them down. The game kinda has a Shooters controls also. R-Trigger for Primary Fire L-Trigger for Secondary Fire, A to Jump B or X for Melee and Y is to dash thus making you getting to higher places or dodging stuff. Now this is where the game falls on its face compared to smash. No Defense tactics whatsoever I mean you cant roll dodge or defend you have to rely on your jumping skills. The other thing is the lack of chars. There is a grand total of 12 count them 12 chars! -_- lol compared to Smashes 25 (and When Brawl comes out probably 30+). With those 2 downsides its still fun with 4 player multiplayer and Xbox Live. 8 of 10

Graphics- Awesome for an Xbox Live Arcade game. The Stages are also in 3-D moving even grass moves with it. The graphics are pretty good so an 8

Sound- Not many Songs but every gun and hit are easily heard so still great. an 8

Value- Silver (an 8) for great.

Tilt-Like Smash you haven't seen the full extent till you play with friends. An 8