kill time and have fun

User Rating: 10 | Small Arms X360
i think this is a great game that if you were to play you would enjoy because of the great looking graphics, and if you like shooting games and games like smash brothers, you would enjoy this, there is no blood so its ok even for little kids to play i would recomend this for people that want a fun game with good graphics to play with youre freinds, and family. i played it 5 minutes and im already able to tell you all this about it, its not realy a serious game and its cheap this is the fun little shooting arcade game it only costs 400 points wich is anequivalent of 3.50$ to 4.00$ that is a good price for a game like this i would recomend getting this for people that are tired of playing these serious games that you always leave angry.

i would give the graphics of this game an 8 out of 10

i woud give the gameplay of this game a 7 out of 10